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Black Jaguar Chocolate

Heirloom Preservation - 77% Cacao

Heirloom Preservation - 77% Cacao

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The Cacao we use for this chocolate has been designated as Heirloom by the Heirloom Cacao Preservation fund.

An organization working around the planet to discover, identify, and preserve rare, endangered cacao trees that produce the most flavourful chocolate all while supporting small scale producers and protecting bio-diversity. 

Their efforts are to save Fine Flavour Cacao before it goes Extinct!

These beans are grown in the region of La Dalia, Nicaragua.

Ripe Cacao Pods are Hand Harvested from carefully selected and cultivated trees and Directly Traded from small scale farmers. The beans are Naturally Fermented and Air & Sun Dried by local Fine Cocoa Experts before arriving in our hands.

We then follow the traditional practices of gently toasting, winnowing, and stone-grinding the beans; preserving the complex fruity and floral flavours.


Ingredients: Cacao Beans, Cacao Butter, Cane Sugar

Made with organic ingredients.


Flavour note :

Citric - Nutty - Spicy - Olive - Complex

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