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Paste Bricks (454g)- 100% Cacao Mayan Traditional Blend

Paste Bricks (454g)- 100% Cacao Mayan Traditional Blend

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Whole Food - Full Cacao Butter - Full Medicinal Benefits

Our Cacao is shade-grown in the region of the Bosawás Biosphere Reserve in Nicaragua; a tropical rainforests hosting enormous bio-diversity.

The Indigenous People contribute to the protection of the natural resources of the reserve and their income is supplemented by cacao sales.

Ripe Cacao Pods are Hand Harvested from carefully selected and cultivated trees and Directly Traded from small scale farmers. The beans are Naturally Fermented and Air & Sun Dried by local Fine Cocoa Experts before arriving in our hands.

We then follow the traditional practices of gently toasting, winnowing, and stone-grinding the beans; preserving the complex fruity and floral flavours. 

Ingredients: Cacao Beans, Vanilla Bean, Ancho Chilli, Allspice, True Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Rose Petals, Sea Salt

All ingredients organic.


Suggested recipe

1. Use 20 grams to 40 grams per cup.

2. Add hot liquid (water, herbal tea, grain or nut milk).

3. Allow to melt for 15 second, then whisk or blend.

4. Sweeten if desired (raw honey, cane juice crystals, maple syrup).

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